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Draw With Me!

Draw With Me!

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Almost 100,000 Draw With books sold!

In this unique doodle book, friends create joint works of art by following over 100 creative prompts that get them both working on the same drawing. Co-create a fun buildings, exciting foods, and interesting outings, as you talk, laugh—and most importantly, bond—during hours of drawing, doodling fun!

How to Use This Book

Start your creative engines. . . it’s time to draw with a friend! One hundred pages of delightful prompts will get you both drawing—and talking—together! Some prompts can be done simultaneously, while others require you to do your part first and a friend to do theirs after. You’ll also find mini conversation starters to get you talking along the way. Your first prompt awaits . . . let’s go!


Meet David and Stephanie

Designers, writers, gardeners, and pancake flippers, David and Stephanie created their first Draw With book in 2020. Since then, the series has gone on to all almost 100,000 copies! Being able to make books full time is one of the best things that ever happened to them—but a distant second to the BEST thing that happened: becoming a family with their son and two adopted beagles. David and Stephanie live in California.
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